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CBD Salve

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Find targeted relief for joint pain and inflammation with the help of our CBD Salve. A balanced combination of phytocannabinoid-rich hemp oil, beeswax and aromatic essential oils helps soothe discomfort and support skin health.


Organically Grown Full Spectrum Phytocannabinoid-Rich Hemp Oil (500mg), Beeswax, Medium Chain Triglycerides, Organic Lavender Essential Oil and Organic Eucalyptus Essential Oil.

  • Made in the U.S.A
  • No THC
  • Water Soluble
  • High Absorption
  • Full Spectrum
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CBD Salve

At The Owl Instinct, our philosophy is based on providing our customers with the absolute best possible products on the market at cost-effective prices. We believe in health and wellness, and that customers shouldn’t have to jump through hoops to get their hands on dependable products.

This is why we aim at supplying only the highest-grade CBD products made from Full Spectrum Organically Grown Phytocannabinoid-Rich Hemp Oil.

Our Salves have been known to help reduce inflammation and pain in targeted areas all over the body. Specifically, many of our customers who suffer from Arthritis have found this salve to be very effective on joints, stiffness and overall pain relief.

However, CBD Salves can help for a myriad of other conditions such as;

  • Psoriasis
  • Itching
  • Infections
  • Insect Bites
  • Scrapes
  • Wounds
  • And much more

This is because CBD contains plenty of health benefits such as;

  • Anti-inflammatory properties
  • Anti-spasmodic properties
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Anti-viral
  • Pain Reduction

Our products are grown in state-of-the-art facilities and tested for purity, consistency and optimal bioavailability. In this specific product, we provide a balanced approach to topical Cannabidiol. The salve consists of the following ingredients;

  • Organically Grown Full Spectrum Phytocannabinoid-Rich Hemp Oil (500mg)
  • Beeswax
  • Medium Chain Triglycerides
  • Organic Lavender Essential Oil
  • Organic Eucalyptus Oil

Our products contain absolutely no THC, making it perfectly legal all over the United States. It has a high absorption rate and is completely water soluble.

Additionally, we are actively working on providing an up-to-date knowledge center to all our customers in order to provide Free Education on the many benefits of CBD. We research and compile hundreds of studies and condense the information in an easy-to-consume fashion.

Our goal is to provide our customers with a seamless, high-value experience that allows them to make informed decisions about their own health. If you need any further assistance, Feel Free to reach out to us by clicking the chat box located on your screen.

If you’re ready to give your skin and muscles the relief it deserves, get your hands on our Full Spectrum (PCR) CBD Salves right this instant. Your Health and Wellness is our top priority.

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  1. Bob Ryan

    This is the best salve on the market! I love this product!

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